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Our Facilities

Digital Surge Tester


Surge tester tested the strength of the ground insulation of the enameled wires. It detects the insulation deterioration such as

  • Ground wall insulation
    (the primary insulation between the copper winding and steel core)
  • Phase to phase insulation
    (the secondary insulation between the end turns of a random wound stator/ coil)
  • Turn to turn insulation
    (the secondary insulation - applied to the surface of the copper winding)

Digital Hipot (Puncture) Tester

  Hipot tester tested the ability of the product to withstand high voltage. It ensures current does not flow between points where it shouldnt be. Hipot test determines the electric insulation of the product.

This test is done with 2 - 5 times higher AC voltage than the operating voltage of the product under test

Digital Resistance Tester

  Resistance tester determines the flow of electical current and how much that flow is impeded.

D&V Diode & Rectifier Tester

  D&V Diodes & Rectifier tester is a microprocessor based diodes tester to check and measure all main parameters of regular and avalanche rectifiers. Real life conditions are simulated to maximize diagnostic capabilities. Additionally, analysis of the rectifier’s thermal resistance can be performed to detect poor internal diode connections and related defects.

  • Test Current up to 125 Amps
  • Diode Forward Voltage Drop
  • Reverse Break Over Voltage 0-200 Volts
  • Reverse Leakage Current 0-1000μ A

D&V Voltage Regulator Tester

  D&V voltage regulator tester is microprocessor based which can automatically test all types of solid state voltage regulators 12 - 42 Volts. For precise regulator testing,the alternator internal signals and the vehicles input and output signals are fully simulated and measured. The tester can verify assorted special functions on the regulator, such as SSD, LRC,computer controls etc. It can simulate energizing of the alternator for TOS comparison. The operation of the alternator and regulator is completely digitally simulated and controlled.

  • Regulator rated voltage 12, 24, 32, 42 Volts
  • Measures more than 150 Parameters
  • Interface to PC for statistical reports and performance reports
  • Possibility to control external marking device or sorting valve
  • Power supply 120/220V AC, 350V
  • Up to 12 Amps load test

D&V Alternator & Starter Tester

  D&V Alternator & Starter tester is a multipurpose computerized tester for alternators and starters. This tester has been designed to interface with modern "smart alternators" that communicate with the vehicle's computer.

Technical Data Measured Parameters:
  • Output Voltage 0 - 50 Volts
  • Alternator Output 0 - 220 Amps
  • Alternator Leakage 1 - 100 mAmps
  • Stator Voltage 0 - 50 Volts
  • Automatic Terminal Verification
  • Battery Internal Resistance 0 - 15 mOhms
  • Memory capacity equal to storage available on the PC
  • Starter Free Run Current 0 - 300 Amps
  • Solenoid Current 0 - 100 Amps
  • Starter Free Running Speed via Speed Sensor

D&V Alternator Tester

  D&V computerized alternator tester controls the motor driver and load according to programmable test procedure to verify the alternator and voltage regulator during testing.

This tester can simultest the car’s on board computer and tested the voltage regulator functions and rectifier precisely. When the test is complete,the computer verifies all parameters and prints reports.

  • Stator Voltage 0-50 Volts
  • Output Current 0-300 Amps
  • Field Current 0-10 Amps
  • Alternator Speed 0-12000 RPM
  • Feedback Voltage 0-50V (0-100% PWM)
  • Output Power 0-5000 W

D&V Starter Tester

  D&V ST-16 is designed to provide remanufacturers and OEM manufacturers with fast accurate and detailed test of the starters. Designed for precise testing for high volume applications at the touch of a button. Solenoid timing is measured on the unit which allows the machine to detect problems related to out of specification components or faulty assembling. During the test, the ST-16 recognizes automatically the starter rotation direction and applies a programmable load.

After the load test the machine simulates engine start up and measures the drive dis-ingage function.

  • Contact voltage drop 0 - 2.5 Volts
  • Starter efficiency 0 - 100%
  • Starter output power up to 3.0 - 4.0 KW
  • Starter input power 0 - 20 kW
  • Starter current 0 - 1500 Amps
  • Starter voltage 0 - 40 Volts
  • Starter speed 0 - 10,000 RPM
  • Starter torque 0 - 50 Nm
  • Solenoid current 0 - 150 Amps