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About Us

About Gvolt

Gvolt inspirations derives from years of market experiences that proven qualities can be achieved through higher platforms from normal rebuilding procedures. Thus together with innovative solutions from Japan, Korea and Canada technology, we are able to realize our ambitions shown for our top quality Gvolt products.

As well, we adopted the methodology of fully disassembled processing which helps us to examine thoroughly each crucial components to ensure their durability. Each OE components are inspected and tested individually with state of art computerized equipment before reassembled with new Japan and or Korea new parts to ensure better quality and improves performances.


To create value and deliver first class products through innovative technology and process. Ensure Gvolt products dealers prosper with confidence and building unique market.


To achieve global recognition for Gvolt products, services and ideas through latest technology, efficiency and integrity.


  • We work, act and perform with integrity to our customers.
  • We emphasize on teamwork inspiration in our company.
  • We are willing to take critics and be judged by our actions.
  • We are always ready to upgrade and update ourselves.
  • All the team inspiration we shared the passion to succeed.